How to Keep Spirituality Simple

cherry-blossoms-8aI fully believe in keeping spirituality simple. I think people are quick to over complicate things when really, there’s beauty in simplicity. So, what would a stripped back spiritual path look like? What is the essence of a spiritual path that is truly simple? I came to the conclusion that a spiritually simple life is one that is heart led. It means being guided by the universe with an open, loving heart and living in alignment with the flow of the divine.

It’s also about being the truest version of yourself you can be, which means doing the inner work to move through negative thought patterns and blocks. It’s also about being fully present and grateful for the blessings in your life, and keeping your mind away from the worries of the past or the future. It means, diving into the beauty of the present moment. Which is where true change can happen.

Spiritual simplicity is about appreciating the small things and valuing their beauty. A tulip, a pebble, the sunrise, a child laughing. It means remaining calm and grounded as the world spins its chaotic dance around you. It’s reminiscent of the Fool from the tarot; heart open, guided by the universe, never shy of a leap of faith as you step off the precipice.

A spiritually simple life is one lived through the lens of love, because when it comes down to it, love is all there is. Remember, you’re a divine, beloved child of the universe!

So, here are five practices for a spiritually simple life.

1. Stay present and be grateful.
This is often easier said than done, but when practiced it will make a huge difference to your mental state. The present moment is the one you actually have control over, so put all of your energy into it. Also, if you’re always thinking about the past or the future you’re missing the beauty of the present. Acknowledge the divinity before you. Start a gratitude journal and write in it everyday!

2. Meditate and pray daily.
Meditation is an extremely beneficial practice that allows for communion with the divine. It quiets your money mind and allows the voice of your guides, angels, Goddesses, Gods, and Spirit to whisper to you. It’s also super calming! I love creative visualisation/pathworking during meditation, where you imagine a scene and go exploring. Prayer goes hand in hand with meditation. Prayer is asking the question, meditation is listening for the answer. Pray in the shower, pray before you eat. Pray whenever it feels good! Keep in constant conversation with Spirit.

3. Trust your intuition.
This will begin to develop alongside a consistent meditation practice. Try your best to hear your inner voice, it’ll be your guiding light through the maze of life.

4. Focus on love.
This means staying positive and shifting your view of the world from a fearful one to a loving one. Love is a powerful emotion and there’s nothing greater. Make meaningful connections with people and animals, share your love with other beings. Shifting your mindset can be achieved through inner work, affirmations and journalling. This is the work of a lifetime!

5. Perform rituals that light you up.
Ritual is a repetitive action and can be a spiritual ceremony as well. So, do whatever makes you feel closer to the divine. Whether it’s meditatively colouring, writing, a ritual bath with essential oils, celebrating the full moon or festival, reading tarot, shamanic journeying, or performing a full on ritual to invite in a new beginning. Whatever makes you feel good, do it often and with intention. Just because you’re trying to keep it simple doesn’t mean your life can’t have some ceremony!