5 Ways to Connect to the Divine Feminine


The Divine Feminine is the feminine aspect of the divine. She’s power, raw and untamed. She’s compassionate, all encompassing and brimming with divine light. I’ve been drawn to her since the beginning of my spiritual explorations. I felt called to write about her today, on the 26th of which is Mothers Day in the UK. Just to note, I’m a pantheist so my view of deity is one of ‘all’. I don’t really see god/goddesses as separate beings, but rather faces or masks the divine chooses to wear. So, for me the Divine Feminine encompasses many things and this is the view I’ll be taking in this post. The Goddess has been seen through many guises, masks and archetypes throughout history; she has been downtrodden and neglected, abused and her temples desecrated. But nevertheless, she’s always with us.

She shall always prevail. So She shall.

1. Create a Goddess altar.
Most people reading this will probably already have an altar, but if you don’t, or you’d like to connect more fully to the Divine Feminine, then you can create a separate altar just for her! I associate her with many symbols such as: flowers, the heart, the earth, the moon, the sun, the planet Venus, the stars, fire, the ocean, shells, creativity, new beginnings, love, fate, harmony, death, rebirth, cycles, etc. This can change throughout the year; as the wheel turns my perception of her changes from lighter to darker. On your altar, you might place a beautiful image or a statue of a goddess, flowers, crystals and candles. I like to place oracle cards on my altar from goddess decks, which brings me to…

2. Use a Goddess oracle deck.
Working with an oracle deck that’s dedicated solely to goddesses is a way to connect more fully with the Divine Feminine. You can pull a card everyday, with the intention to connect with that goddess and see what messages come through. Alternatively, at the end of the month you can shuffle the deck and choose a goddess to work with for the coming month. Place the image of the goddess on your altar, and commit to learning about her for the next thirty days. Read her myths, meet her in a guided meditation, make offerings and try to embody her lessons.

3. Explore modern pop cultural representations of the Goddess.
The Divine Feminine is alive and well in pop culture. I know some people will hate this idea which is fine, so off you go! Explore how the goddess pops up in modern popular culture, because She’s not limited just to the myths of the past but has stepped firmly into our modern myth cycles too. Cultural representations like Wonder Woman, She-Ra, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Daenerys Targaryen, and Promethea are iconic examples of divine femininity. They’re not literally goddesses, but they’re powerful archetypes that can be used to tap into something more. To me, they’re all strong, potent symbols of the Goddess manifesting in modern consciousness. Work with these archetypes like you would any other spiritual being; meet them through meditation and see what lessons they have for you! If this interests you, perhaps explore Carl Jung and his works on the collective unconscious.

4. Meet the Goddess through meditation.
To connect with any spiritual being you have to meditate. How else will you hear their divine guidance otherwise? So, spend some time meditating on the goddess aspect you wish to connect with. Then go ahead and imagine yourself meeting her. I like to visualise walking down some stone steps and opening a wooden door into a garden. I then follow a pathway through a forest and follow it where I need to go. You can meet the goddess in a open clearing and ask her some questions. Just remember to shield yourself before journeying, and be discerning with the beings your meet in meditation. There’s also many guided meditation available on YouTube which talk you through it.

5. Awaken the Divine Feminine within.
Whether you’re a man or a woman, you have within you an aspect of the Divine Feminine. You can nurture your own inner goddess through self care practices and self love. Self care is about taking the time to regularly nurture your spirit. This can be anything from, beautiful fragrant baths of essential oils and bath salts once a week, reading a spiritual book everyday before bed, meditating for ten minutes everyday, getting a massage, doing yoga, spend time applying your skincare and giving yourself a facial, writing in your journal, telling yourself that you’re beautiful and accepted, or simply just praying at your altar. Whatever makes you feel shiny inside, do it! Accept who you are, love yourself! Appreciate your own divinity.