5 Ways to Contact Your Spirit Guides

c9d0162ddbe943f8d5985349e57a09deArt by Rayvvne Phelan

Receiving direct guidance from your spirit guides is an important part of your spiritual journey, it can help you to get unstuck and lead you to a happier path. Regardless, of whether you think spiritual guidance comes from your subconscious mind, angels, goddesses or spirit guides you can still ask for help. Really, it doesn’t matter where it comes from because it’s all the same; as within so without; you’re a reflection of the universe. I wouldn’t get too caught up in where this guidance is coming from just accept it with grace and say thank you! So here are some ways to contact your spirit guides.

1. Pray and ask for guidance.

This is an obvious one, although it’s something we often forget to do. Prayer is simple, you just say out loud or in your head that you require guidance. Trust that your guides can hear you. When formulating your question avoid asking ‘should I…?’ Instead ask, ‘What guidance can you give me on…?’ Once you’ve asked for guidance, sit in meditation to receive the answer.

2. Look within through meditation.
You need to establish a daily meditation practice in order to receive guidance. If prayer is asking the question, then meditation is being open to receiving the answer. It’s a two step process. Would you keep giving advice to someone who kept ignoring your answers? No? So don’t ignore your spirit guides after you’ve asked them something. Ask the question and then meditate on it and be as open as you can to any impressions. If you try too hard to hear or see something you’ll block the messages. This does take a little bit of practice, so keep trying!

Before meditation I imagine white or blue light shielding me because like it or not, not everything in the spiritual realms is friendly. Take note of any impressions or images that come to you during meditation. Guidance can come in the form of feelings, images, single words, urges to do something or colours. Spirits won’t always communicate in words. If you do hear a voice it will usually sound like your own, so accept this as your guidance because your guides are speaking to you!

3. Be aware of signs.
You can ask your guides to send you signs to lead you to the answers you’re seeking. I find that the more I look within the more my outer world begins to reflect my inner world. Messages and signs can come through any type of means, through words on a poster, a photograph, an overheard conversation that delivers your answer or being drawn to an appropriate book. I’ve had signs come through as an email heading, a video on YouTube, oracle cards, repetitive thoughts and even an image on someones jumper! This can be subtle guidance, so again it’s up to you to notice the synchronicities.

4. Use oracle or tarot cards.
If you’re finding it difficult to get any form of guidance through meditation then choose an oracle or tarot deck and ask your guides for guidance through the cards. It’s best to only pull one card to begin with because the more cards you pull the more convoluted the message. This is especially important if you’re asking about a very emotional topic. Keep it simple and trust that you’ve chosen the correct card. If the card doesn’t make sense, either meditate on it (breathe for some time and then bring the card to mind and think about it), or put it away for another day. I really like this three card spread.

5. Automatic writing.
This can sound like a scary notion if you’ve never performed automatic writing before. But don’t worry, nothing takes over you. You just listen to the messages and write them, the idea is to bypass your ego/conscious mind. To begin, you need to shield (make sure you surround yourself with blue or white light). Ask your spirit guide for guidance on a topic; meditate, and when you feel ready, pick up a pen and start writing. The key is to not think about this process too much, just let the pen flow. When the guidance stops, stop writing or ask another question. You might hear words or you might see images, but trust that what you’re writing is from the heart. If you’re having trouble, make sure you’re properly relaxed and try again. This is an excellent way to receive direct guidance!