7 Spiritual Practices to Do Every Day


Daily spiritual practice is something a lot of us strive for. It can be very fulfilling to connect with the divine every day, as it cultivates and maintains those connections. It’s also a way to weave your spiritual life into the more mundane rites of the modern world. So, here are some ways I’ve found to connect with Spirit on a daily basis.

1. Meditation.
Daily meditation (ten minutes is achievable for most people) is one of the best daily practices you can cultivate. It bestows the faithful with gifts of focus, inner calm and reduced anxiety. It also gives the universe a chance to inwardly nudge you. In the beginning, I was very resistant to meditation and quite honestly, that didn’t get me anywhere. All the advice I would read would be to meditate, meditate meditate! But I didn’t want to meditate. It was hard for my Gemini brain (which was already exploding with thoughts) to settle down even on a good day.

But after much avoidance, I started to sit my bottom down every day and have a go. I started with five minutes and then built up to ten minutes a day. I found the best thing to do was to download Calm, which is a great meditation app. The more you meditate the easier it gets and you don’t have to just sit there and try and think of nothing/observe your thoughts. You can visualise an image, chant affirmations or ‘om’, go on an inner journey or perform some chakra cleansing.

2. Affirmative Prayer.
Affirmative prayer is about focusing on a positive outcome rather than a negative one. For example, rather than saying ‘Goddess please help me get a new job!’ You’ll say, ‘Thank you Goddess for guiding me to the perfect job’. It’s the idea that help is already here, you just need to recognise it and be open to receiving it. Give it a try!

Pray every day, in the shower, after dinner, before a tarot reading etc. It’ll connect you to the divine and get you talking to your guides and Goddesses.

3. Shield your energy.
Shielding your energy should be a daily practice for everyone! There’s so much negativity floating around, and since most of us spend a lot of time at work and in environments that aren’t conducive for spiritually sensitive people, things can get hairy! Granted, negativity is not always a bad thing; we all need to experience negative emotions, but on our own terms thanks!

Try shielding your energy every morning with blue or white light (or whatever colour your feel is protective) and see the difference! Couple this with a weekly salt bath and you’ll be practically glowing.

4. Affirmations.
I really enjoy the power of affirmations. As an air sign, words and the realm of the mind are my thing, so anything that can get me thinking more productively is fantastic.

Affirmations are positively phrased sentences that we can repeat over and over again in order to realign our thought patterns. My view of the spiritual path is deeply connected to self-development and poking around in the shadow side of life; and affirmations assist me with that task on a daily basis. Affirmations can be about anything; abundance, love, work, self-worth or spirituality.

I say my affirmations in the shower, while I’m walking and on the way to work. One of my favourites is from Florence Scovel Shinn, ‘I dwell in a sea of abundance, I see clearly my inexhaustible supply’. I have a whole post on abundance affirmations here.

5. Gratitude.
Be grateful for everything that you have in your life, and do your best to acknowledge this every day. The easiest way to express gratitude for me, was to download an app and write something I was grateful for every day. For you, it might be easier to write in a physical journal, or just say thanks to the Divine Feminine before sleep.

6. Draw a tarot/oracle card.
I’m actually on the fence about the validity of this one. I know that a lot of people really enjoy pulling a tarot card every day. However, I’m torn between enjoying the practice and actually finding it useful. Personally, I feel it can lead to too many messages and confusion. I prefer one longer spread (four cards) on a weekly basis.

But I go by the rule that if I want to pull a card on any given day, I do. If you find this to be an enjoyable/useful practice then do it!

7. Be compassionate.
This one goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. It doesn’t cost anything to be kind and compassionate to the people around you. Don’t be the rude person who lets the door swing shut on the old lady, instead of just waiting to hold it for her. Smile at people, say thank you, give up your seat for someone else, give your colleague a lift home, buy the homeless person a meal.