Faerie Enchantments Oracle Review


The other day I finally received my ‘Faerie Enchantments Oracle’! This was originally a Kickstarter campaign started by the artist, Ian Daniels. I ordered this deck from his website in November 2016. It’s taken a while to arrive due to the extra work being done on the deck by the creator. My copy shipped from China, so bear in mind the deck will take around two weeks to arrive.

‘Faerie Enchantments’ is described by the author/artist as ‘bewitching cards of Celtic, tarot and magik symbolism’. Which is definitely an accurate description, more on that later.

The 40 card deck is housed in a sturdy black box, with rose gold gilding. The deck itself is also gilded with rose gold. The artwork is of the ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ variety; it’s very much that Gothic, romantic, fairy theme. I personally like that. The art is sepia-toned and the general colour palette is very subdued. There’s a definite feel of the ethereal, and a dreamy Celtic inspired world.

Each card corresponds to a tarot card, which tends to be from the major arcana (although a few correspond to minor arcana cards). This adds an extra layer of meaning to the cards. Also, each card has three keywords on the back of the card, a faerie rune and correspondences that range from colours to crystals.

The images themselves are encoded with symbolism. They’re quite intuitive and I’ve found them easy to read in a oracular sense. The keywords on the back also express the essence of the art well. You may have to sit with some of the images for a while, as the symbolism can be subtle, but I think they’d be awesome for pathworking! I mean who wouldn’t want to visit that world? Also, the cards are a joy to shuffle because of the relatively sturdy, yet glossy card stock.




You can use these cards as a straight up oracle, or for ritual and magic. The guidebook, also written by the artist, discusses faerie runes, which he explains can be amalgamated together from several cards which are aligned with your purpose. He discusses the powerful effect symbols have on the subconscious mind, in order to manifest your desires.

There’s also further discussion of how the cards can be utilised in magical practices. As well as some information about astrological correspondences, enchantments, card meanings, hedge witchcraft, the elements and alchemy. The small illustrated guidebook is 108 pages long.

‘Faerie Enchantments’ is a really lovely deck. I think there’s a lot going on here and it’s obvious this has been a passion project for Ian Daniels. I look forward to working with the cards in a more ritualistic sense! This would be a great deck for someone looking to connect with the faerie realms or is looking to explore a magical practice.