6 Simple Ways to Celebrate Beltane


Beltane is the season of fertility, frivolity and flowers. It’s one of the four Celtic fire festivals, and marks the beginning of summer. This is one of the two times of year when the veil is believed to be thinning; the other being on the dark, sombre nights of Samhain.

Beltane is celebrated on the 1st of May, which happens to be a bank holiday in the UK. So a lot of us get the day off, and cue the rain. However, not everyone has the time (or the inclination) for complex rituals. I rarely do anything that takes a long time and I think a lot of other people feel the same. So, in line with that, here are some simple ways to honour the energy of Beltane this season!

1. Take a floral bath.

Taking a ritual bath is a wonderful way to connect with the energies of Beltane. Fill your bath with hot water, add a generous handful of sea salt and select a few drops of whatever floral essential oils you like. Lavender, rose, jasmine and geranium are all great choices! Basically, stick in whatever smells good. You could also use rose water, light candles and sprinkle flower petals into the bath. Just make sure you’re setting the intention that the water will cleanse and uplift your mind, body and spirit. Then enjoy the magic of the floral waters!

2. Make some Beltane wishes.

This is fun and childlike. Select some colourful ribbons (or choose a colour that corresponds to the vibration of your wish), and tie them to a tree or bush with the intention you’d like your wish to be granted. Repeat the wish in your head or whisper it into the wind. This is a nice one to do with children. If you dislike the idea of using ribbons, use degradable paper or burn the paper instead.

3. Connect with the fairies.

The Fair Folk are a prominent theme of Beltane. This is a great chance to read some Grimm’s fairy tales, folklore, or leave an offering of milk. They also enjoy shiny things and sweet foods. You could meditate outside in order to better connect with the fairies, or spend some time honouring them by picking up litter from a park.

4. Rock the sartorial floral theme.

I don’t think there’s a better excuse for wearing a floral hairband than Beltane! If you have to work or you’re busy doing other things on Monday, then why not wear something pastel coloured or floral patterned? I say embrace the whimsical and wear something flowery and beautiful. You can paint your nails pink or lilac, wear eyeshadow inspired by the colour of flowers, or spritz yourself with some floral scented perfume! After all, your clothes/makeup holds a vibration and dressing in alignment with the season allows you to be in sympathy with those energies.

5. Connect with the Goddess.

Beltane feels feminine to me, so another simple option for acknowledging this festival is to say hi to the Goddess. The Celtic goddess Rhiannon (her name means ‘Great Queen’) is associated with Beltane. She’s connected to the fairies, magic and is someone who went through some very dark stuff but emerged stronger on the other side. She’s very cool, read her stories! Or there’s the Roman goddess Flora, who’s a goddess of spring and flowers. Her festival is known as the Floralia and was celebrated around the beginning of May. You can make an offering to the Goddess, meditate, read her myths, or just light a candle and throw a prayer her way. Simple!

6. Perform a Beltane tarot/oracle reading.

Select your favourite spring/summer themed tarot or oracle deck and give yourself a Beltane reading! You can pull one card for ‘what do I need to know about moving forward this summer?’ Or you can use a three card spread to see what energies you’re leaving behind, the energies you’re currently in, and the ones you’re moving into. Personally, I’ll be using a Beltane spread; I like this one.


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