Tarot & Oracle Card Reading For May 2017


From left to right, 1. 2. 3.

This is your monthly oracle and tarot card reading for May 2017. So, take a deep breath and choose the card or number you feel most drawn to, then scroll down for your reading. This month, in the spirit of Beltane, I’m using the Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud and the Witches Tarot Ellen Dugan. I decided to use tarot and oracle cards for this month!


1. Penelope Dreamwear, Two of Cups.
2. The Bodacious Bodach, Four of Swords.
3. The Journeyman, The Emperor.


1. Penelope Dreamweaver, Two of Cups.

This card is inviting you to ponder your soul purpose. Dreams are changeable, ethereal things that shapeshift as we learn and grow. This is a time to look where you are now and examine what you really want. It’s important to remember that life purpose isn’t usually a career or a specific task, it’s a way of being. This is also indicated by your tarot card which is the Two of Cups.

The Two of Cups is also about relationships, and idealising them. If you’re looking for love, then it’s about understanding that everything won’t just magically get better once you find someone. Those things that made you feel empty before are still going to be there, even once you enter into a relationship. The message here is to fill yourself up now. Love yourself, unify those parts of you into one whole. You can be complete on your own, seek what you’re missing inside yourself first.

Penelope is inviting you to daydream, get acquainted with that dreamy side of your personality. What can you create? Visualise this month, create things of beauty, fill your chalice with inspiration and joy. Make sure what you’re doing is in alignment with who you are and what you’re about.

Work with Moonstone and Rose Quartz this month.


2. The Bodacious Bodach, Four of Swords.

This card has come up for the month of May to remind you to take a step back from people in your life, or an aspect of yourself, that loves to gossip and self-sabotage. The Four of Swords indicates a need for respite and retreat; there’s a strong indication here that you need to turn away from the stress in your life.

Are you gossiping about friends, family or co-workers? Getting involved in other people’s business? If you are, these cards are here to tell you to stop, step away and get some perspective. The only persons life you are here to live is your own, let your children/friends/colleague get on with it. If they want advice from you then they’ll ask for it.

If it’s another person that’s draining you or trying to be a little bit too helpful, then try to practice forgiveness and compassion in this situation. If they’re a friend, it might be time to part ways with them. If it’s family, politely tell them you’re your own person and can work out your own issues. Take some space from them, and learn to say no! You don’t need someone unhelpfully meddling in your life, even if they mean well. You’ll just resent them in the long run.

Another aspect of these cards is self-sabotage. Something we all do! This a reminder to spend May empowering yourself and your thoughts. Don’t let that nasty, insidious voice in the back of your mind stop you from achieving your dreams. You are worthy, just make sure your actions are worthy too.

Work with Sunstone this month to empower yourself, and whatever crystals make you feel recharged and calm.


3. The Journeyman, The Emperor. 

The Journeyman brings you a message of new beginnings and a new phase on your current path. This card is very reminiscent of the Fool from the tarot and it has a similar meaning. You’re being invited to step out of your comfort zone this May and look ahead to creating that new beginning/change you’ve been seeking. There’s also a message of trusting your intuition, like anything, a certain amount of blind trust is needed in order to move forward.

Our Journeyman looks like he’s about to step off confidently into the unknown, and I feel that’s a pertinent point here. We’ll never know exactly where we’re going or what’s going to happen and that’s the point. We can’t know. We have to trust that we’re taking the direction our soul wants to go in and embrace that lack of knowing. Letting go of control is one of the hardest things we have to learn on the spiritual path. Practice surrender this month.

The tarot card I pulled along with this Faerie card is the Emperor who’s all about structure and balance. This tells me that you’ll need to balance the rational/practical aspects of yourself with the more intuitive in order to move forward on your journey. While intuition is important, if we want to achieve something we have to act and make practical decisions in alignment with intuition. This is the key message here. This month work on striking a balance between your rational mind and your intuitive capabilities. That way, you’ll be best equipped for success in any venture.

Work with Clear Quartz for clarity, and Amethyst for enhancing your intuition.


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