17 Ways to Ground Your Energy

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Grounding is a spiritual practice that can seem a lot less glamorous than some of the other practices we do more frequently. I would often get messages to ground, but being a floaty air sign I was always like, ‘no thank you’! I was happy floating off into the aether or wherever my sylph-like mind was taking me. However, I did start to realise that those nagging nerves and near constant anxiety was often from a lack of feeling grounded. The point is that we should all be grounding regularly.

What put me off grounding was how boring the practice seemed to be. But it doesn’t have to be dull. The best advice I can give for doing something you know you should do, yet you feel reluctant, is to approach it in a way that feels interesting. The only way we stick to things is if we enjoy doing them, so have a look at the list and choose something that sparks something within you!

17 Ways to Ground!

1. Walk barefoot on the earth.

2. Eat some root vegetables, like potatoes, carrots and parsnips. 

3. Wear brown, black, or whatever colour you associate with the earth and grounding.

4. Meditate with Black Tourmaline, Obsidian or Hematite.

5. Visualise your body growing roots into the earth and ‘feel’ your body being pulled down.

6. Visualise your body becoming a tree.

7. During meditation, imagine breathing in the colour brown.

8. Lie on the floor and feel all your anxiety melting into the ground.

9. Connect to the fairies or nature spirits.

10. Perform this grounding meditation.

11. Spend some time with animals.

12. Get moving!

13. Say this affirmation; ‘I am in my body. I am grounded.’

14. Do some deep breathing.

15. Work with the earth element.

16. Set up an altar dedicated to the earth element.

17. Visualise a deep cave, trees or dark comforting soil.


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