5 Easy Spiritual Protection Techniques



To spiritually protect yourself is one of the most important things you can do. The more you open yourself up to the energies around you, the more you’re going to need spiritual protection to shield yourself from undesirable energies. It’s also really important if you’re a sensitive person. That whole, taking on energy and emotions from other people thing. Spiritual protection really helps with that!

My relationship with spiritual protecting began at an early age. When I was around fourteen, I stayed at my friends house and her mother explained to me how to shield myself. This was because I’d become frightened when I saw their Nan on the stairs that night; Nan, having been dead for a few years. Needless to say, I needed something to make me feel safe and my friends mum certainly helped there.

She explained to me that I could encase myself in a flower or a bubble of light. The bubble technique is the primary tool I use to shield myself today. But there’s many other simple ways to protect yourself and your energy.

1. Bubble of Light

One of the easiest ways to protect your energy is to simply visualise (imagine) yourself surrounded by white or bright blue light. You can also visualise yourself sitting in the middle of a flower, pulling one petal at a time over your head.

2. Archangel Michael

Every morning I call upon Archangel Micheal to protect me. I just silently pray, ‘Thank you Archangel Michael for protecting me this day’ (I like affirmative prayer). I also call on him to protect my energy with blue light. If you’re not comfortable with angels, shoot a prayer to whatever being you like to assist in protecting you.

3. Protection Affirmations 

‘I am protected.’
‘I am surrounded by protective blue light.’

You can repeat protection affirmations every morning. Repeat your affirmation four times because four is the number of MANIFESTATION.

4. Protection Crystals

Select a crystal associated with protection and carry it with you. Touch the stone throughout the day or simply imagine holding it in your hands. You might also like to hold your crystal while you say your affirmations. Protective crystals include, Black Tourmaline, Amethyst and Smoky Quartz.

5. Guardian Wolf

In her book ‘Holistic Energy Magic’, Tess Whitehurst suggests creating a thought form in the shape of a wolf or lion to guard and protect you. Visualise your wolf or lion and imagine energy from heaven and earth infusing your animal with life. Tess suggests naming them and offering them gifts, food and water. She also recommends meeting with regularly to replenish their energy.


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