How to Make Bath Salts


One of my goals this month is to create purification bath salts. So here they are! I’ve kept the ingredients quite minimalist because that means it’s less expensive to make and there’s beauty in simplicity. I’ve chosen lavender due to it’s association with purification and cleansing. In ancient Egypt they used it for beautification purposes and in ancient Greece they burned lavender to release its relaxing fragrance. Thus, these baths salts can best be used before any sort of spiritual work, meditation, tarot reading or ritual.
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9 Ways To Use Essential Oils

Essential aroma oil

I really enjoy using essential oils and in this post I’m hoping to show you some different ways in which they can be used. Tea tree oil is by far my favourite essential oil, I find it very clearing to inhale and often rub it on my wrists (diluted). I also use it on spots, insect bites, in a diffuser and in the bath. Click below for more ideas on how to use essential oils!
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