5 Ways to Connect to the Divine Feminine


The Divine Feminine is the feminine aspect of the divine. She’s power, raw and untamed. She’s compassionate, all encompassing and brimming with divine light. I’ve been drawn to her since the beginning of my spiritual explorations. I felt called to write about her today, on the 26th of which is Mothers Day in the UK. Just to note, I’m a pantheist so my view of deity is one of ‘all’. I don’t really see god/goddesses as separate beings, but rather faces or masks the divine chooses to wear. So, for me the Divine Feminine encompasses many things and this is the view I’ll be taking in this post. The Goddess has been seen through many guises, masks and archetypes throughout history; she has been downtrodden and neglected, abused and her temples desecrated. But nevertheless, she’s always with us.

She shall always prevail. So She shall.
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