Faerie Enchantments Oracle Review


The other day I finally received my ‘Faerie Enchantments Oracle’! This was originally a Kickstarter campaign started by the artist, Ian Daniels. I ordered this deck from his website in November 2016. It’s taken a while to arrive due to the extra work being done on the deck by the creator. My copy shipped from China, so bear in mind the deck will take around two weeks to arrive.

‘Faerie Enchantments’ is described by the author/artist as ‘bewitching cards of Celtic, tarot and magik symbolism’. Which is definitely an accurate description, more on that later.

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How to Read Oracle Cards Intuitively


Reading oracle cards can be somewhat different to reading tarot because there aren’t any numerological or astrological associations and oracles lack the arcana structure of the tarot. The free-form structure of oracle cards can open the door to more intuitive insight and can be easier for beginners. I started out reading tarot about ten years ago and I didn’t discover oracle cards until more recently. Where I’m very picky with tarot decks, I find oracles to be fun and abundant. Oracles are less ‘deep’ and esoteric than tarot but wonderful for one card readings and positive affirmations. Personally, I don’t see tarot or oracle cards as predictive and use them as a mirror to reflect upon my spiritual journey. I find them useful as a tool for clarity and guidance.

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Crystal Reading Cards Review


The ‘Crystal Reading Cards: Healing Oracle’ by Rachelle Charman is a 56 card deck, which comes with a guidebook and a snap closure box. The deck features an image of a crystal on each card, with the name of the crystal and a keyword. The images are bright and colourful, with beautiful glowing photography. I like the simple keywords because they really spark my intuition; I find that too many keywords can be distracting. There are also four Master Teacher cards with titles like ‘awakening crystal’ and ‘divine temple’.

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Shine Your Light Spread


There are two ways to read this spread; as someone who identifies as a ‘Lightworker’ or a in a more general sense as someone who wishes to light up the world with their gifts. I’ve included both positional meanings! When I say ‘shine your light’, I’m referring to gifts that make you who you are. A way of being that uplifts yourself and others, this could be your empathy or your sense of humour, or even a specific thing that you do.


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Oracle Reading For March 2017

dsc03087From left to right, 1. 2. 3.

This is your monthly oracle card reading for March 2017. This month, I felt called to give each card an affirmation that you can use throughout the month if you wish! So, take a deep breath and choose the card you feel most drawn to, then scroll down for your reading. I write this post on a day when there’s an eclipse in Pisces and it’s at the end of the month; this is supposed to herald changes and endings! I feel like the reading definitely picked up on these energies. This month I’m using the Native Spirit Oracle by Denise Linn.

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