9 Ways to Celebrate the Full Moon


Mysterious and luminescent, the full moon is a time for reflection and release. There’s a power and a mystery to the moon that still draws the eye today; indeed, we’re still subject to her eerie and often mind fogging influence. The full moon is usually a time to rest before the promise of a new cycles begins anew. So, here’s nine ways you can bring the energy of the full moon into your life.

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How to Keep Spirituality Simple

cherry-blossoms-8aI fully believe in keeping spirituality simple. I think people are quick to over complicate things when really, there’s beauty in simplicity. So, what would a stripped back spiritual path look like? What is the essence of a spiritual path that is truly simple? I came to the conclusion that a spiritually simple life is one that is heart led. It means being guided by the universe with an open, loving heart and living in alignment with the flow of the divine.
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Pop Culture and Spirituality

85010-buffy-the-vampire-slayer-season-1-promo-hq-04-1500Popular culture. Not the most obvious words associated with spirituality, but whether we think so or not popular culture can have a major impact on spiritual beliefs. Think about it, what really spoke to you when you were growing up? Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about this influence and what popular culture has influenced me. I was a bit of a weird child that grew into a weird adult. I was a book worm and was always very interested in fantasy fiction, anything outside of ordinary reality. Magic, angels, witches, wizards, gods and goddesses, you name it I loved it all. There was just something about the magical worlds and the mysterious characters that I wished was real. I don’t know why but my search for meaning began in the places I had most access to; books and TV.

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How to Work With the Spirit of Rose

Roses are probably one of the clearest representations of love that humans posses; a universal symbol of divine love. We give them on anniversaries, weddings and on valentines day. Through the symbol of the rose we can access the feeling of love. Flowers or roses can act as a bridge to loving energies.

Talking about love can seem very fluffy but I’ll do my best. Love is the soul matter of the universe. Love is spirit, which is transmuted through humans. We act as a prism that shines love out in fractures of light. Love is within all of us, every tree, every animal, every person. In this post I’ll be talking about some ways we can work with love embodied through the beautiful rose flower in all its aspects.
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4 Ways to Celebrate Imbolc

Imbolc is the celebration of fire and light. It is a festival of purification and the traditional beginning of spring. For me it evokes magical images of dark nights lit by the warmth of hundreds of candles and altars laid out with white cloth. It’s a time to purify and let go so that we can invite the good into our lives. Here are a few different ways you can celebrate Imbolc this year!
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