5 Ways to Connect to the Divine Feminine


The Divine Feminine is the feminine aspect of the divine. She’s power, raw and untamed. She’s compassionate, all encompassingĀ and brimming with divine light. I’ve been drawn to her since the beginning of my spiritual explorations. I felt called to write about her today, on the 26th of which is Mothers Day in the UK. Just to note, I’m a pantheist so my view of deity is one of ‘all’. I don’t really see god/goddesses as separate beings, but rather faces or masks the divine chooses to wear. So, for me the Divine Feminine encompasses many things and this is the view I’ll be taking in this post. The Goddess has beenĀ seen through many guises, masks and archetypes throughout history; she has been downtrodden and neglected, abused and her temples desecrated. But nevertheless, she’s always with us.

She shall always prevail. So She shall.
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11 Journal Prompts to Get to Know Your Soul


This post contains eleven journal prompts that will help you to get to know your soul. The prompts get you to think more abstractly about what your soul essence looks and feels like. All you need to do is pick a prompt; sit quietly in meditation for a few minutes and then start writing everything you can think of regarding the answer to the question. You should be able to come up with some interesting ideas! With enough time this exercise should lead you to a better understanding of your true essence.

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How to Work With the Spirit of Rose

Roses are probably one of the clearest representations of love that humans posses; a universal symbol of divine love. We give them on anniversaries, weddings and on valentines day. Through the symbol of the rose we can access the feeling of love. Flowers or roses can act as a bridge to loving energies.

Talking about love can seem very fluffy but I’ll do my best. Love is the soul matter of the universe. Love is spirit, which is transmuted through humans. We act as a prism that shines love out in fractures of light. Love is within all of us, every tree, every animal, every person. In this post I’ll be talking about some ways we can work with love embodied through the beautiful rose flower in all its aspects.
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Beauty and Spirituality

329dd-devotee-to-beauty-anne-wertheimDevotee of Beauty by Anne Wertheim

Beauty is a colourful sunrise at the start of a new day, beauty is the first tulips of spring, beauty is the art of John William Waterhouse, beauty is a radiant rainbow after a storm, beauty is the writings of Shakespeare, beauty is a spiders web dappled with morning dew, beauty is my niece and nephew laughing, beauty is the sound of the breaking sea.

When people think of the word ‘beauty’ spirituality is probably the last thing they would associate with it. In fact, when we hear the word ‘beauty’ our automatic response is to think of the modern physical ideal. I think it’s very easy to get sucked into this feeling of physical perfection and not feeling good enough because we don’t look like the people in the magazines; incidentally, who don’t even look that way themselves. Hello, airbrushing.
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Spiritual Practices For Pantheists


I’ve identified as a pantheist for several years now and the one thing I’ve noticed is that pantheism is really difficult to create a practice around. This post is going to address this and hopefully give you some ideas as to how to build a spiritual practice as a pantheist. Seeing as there’s no anthropomorphic god or goddess to address what do you do?

Pantheism is a belief that identifies ‘god’ or the divine with the universe. Pantheism means that ‘god’ is immanent within the universe and does not transcend it. I have a more mystical view of pantheism and don’t subscribe to the very rational naturalistic branch of pantheism. I believe that everything is connected, all is one and we are a manifestation of the divine. I see the universe as being a web of divine energy or consciousness that we can tap into and that exists in everything. Again, just my personal view of things.
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