Faerie Enchantments Oracle Review


The other day I finally received my ‘Faerie Enchantments Oracle’! This was originally a Kickstarter campaign started by the artist, Ian Daniels. I ordered this deck from his website in November 2016. It’s taken a while to arrive due to the extra work being done on the deck by the creator. My copy shipped from China, so bear in mind the deck will take around two weeks to arrive.

‘Faerie Enchantments’ is described by the author/artist as ‘bewitching cards of Celtic, tarot and magik symbolism’. Which is definitely an accurate description, more on that later.

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Enchanted Oracle Review


I’ve owned the Enchanted Oracle in the past and passed them along. For some reason, lately I felt very drawn to buying them again. The deck is created by artist Jessica Galbreth and tarot writer Barbra Moore. Barb did a good job of picking out the symbolism in each card and explaining the hints to the meanings. The cards don’t really have key words on them like other oracle decks, instead they have what appear to be decorative titles. These titles also give you an idea of the meanings as well.
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