6 Simple Ways to Celebrate Beltane


Beltane is the season of fertility, frivolity and flowers. It’s one of the four Celtic fire festivals, and marks the beginning of summer. This is one of the two times of year when the veil is believed to be thinning; the other being on the dark, sombre nights of Samhain.

Beltane is celebrated on the 1st of May, which happens to be a bank holiday in the UK. So a lot of us get the day off, and cue the rain. However, not everyone has the time (or the inclination) for complex rituals. I rarely do anything that takes a long time and I think a lot of other people feel the same. So, in line with that, here are some simple ways to honour the energy of Beltane this season!

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6 Quick Ways to Celebrate Ostara


Ostara, also known as the Spring Equinox, falls on the 20th of March this year! Ostara marks the beginning of spring and is associated with birthing new life, the dawn and fertility. Its symbols include eggs, rabbits, pastel colours and spring flowers. The Divine Feminine is portrayed in her maiden aspect as the Anglo-Saxon Goddess Eostre. Spring is one of my favourite seasons; there’s just something about that inner stirring of new life that is so well reflected in the coming alive of nature, as she wakes up after a long dormant winter. To me, spring is all about raising your spirits and uplifting the senses.

So, here are six quick ways to celebrate Ostara.
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4 Ways to Celebrate Imbolc

Imbolc is the celebration of fire and light. It is a festival of purification and the traditional beginning of spring. For me it evokes magical images of dark nights lit by the warmth of hundreds of candles and altars laid out with white cloth. It’s a time to purify and let go so that we can invite the good into our lives. Here are a few different ways you can celebrate Imbolc this year!
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Mind Body Spirit Cleanse January 2017


January, a time of crisp mornings, post holiday blues and a horribly long wait until pay day but lets not think about that. It’s also a fresh start, the rebirth of the sun after the Winter Solstice in December, the beginning of a new year.

Much to my boyfriends bemusement I’ve declared January 2017 to be a month of cleansing mind, body, spirit… and house. I’ve devised a dastardly plan to cleanse the Helheim out of my life. Basically, I want my cleansing journey to culminate in Imbolc on the 1st February where I plan to hold a ritual of light with lots of white candles, and have a purification bath with sea salt and essential oils of lemon and chamomile. So, step forth gentle traveller if you wish to see how I’m going to go about such
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Spiritual Practices For Pantheists


I’ve identified as a pantheist for several years now and the one thing I’ve noticed is that pantheism is really difficult to create a practice around. This post is going to address this and hopefully give you some ideas as to how to build a spiritual practice as a pantheist. Seeing as there’s no anthropomorphic god or goddess to address what do you do?

Pantheism is a belief that identifies ‘god’ or the divine with the universe. Pantheism means that ‘god’ is immanent within the universe and does not transcend it. I have a more mystical view of pantheism and don’t subscribe to the very rational naturalistic branch of pantheism. I believe that everything is connected, all is one and we are a manifestation of the divine. I see the universe as being a web of divine energy or consciousness that we can tap into and that exists in everything. Again, just my personal view of things.
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