10 Ways to Reduce Anxiety


Anxiety is an all too common part of daily life and more and more people are admitting to feeling this way on a regular basis. Personally, anxiety is something I’ve suffered with for the whole of my life. Like many other people I’ve developed ways and strategies to cope. It’s only recently that I’ve started making real progress in healing my anxiety and I want to share some of the ways with you here. Ultimately, it’s important to remember that there’s no quick fix to healing anxiety and things aren’t going to get better in just one day. You have to commit to the change and really go after it. If you stick with these practices they will help you in your journey to becoming a calmer, more present person.
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5 Quick Ways to Cleanse Your Aura


Maintaining good spiritual hygiene is important. Everyday we’re coming into contact with harsh environments and situations, so it’s imperative that we cleanse ourselves regularly. Obviously, protecting ourselves with white/blue light everyday helps, but sometimes we just need to detox and cleanse! Here’s five quick ways to cleanse your aura in a jiffy!

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11 Ways to Raise Your Vibration


Raising your vibration is all about being in the flow with life and Spirit. As a spiritual person it’s up to you to nurture your spiritual vibration and bring it a little higher everyday. The more you develop as a spiritual being, the more your vibration will rise. But until then, here are eleven ways to help your vibration on its way.

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How to Work With the Spirit of Rose

Roses are probably one of the clearest representations of love that humans posses; a universal symbol of divine love. We give them on anniversaries, weddings and on valentines day. Through the symbol of the rose we can access the feeling of love. Flowers or roses can act as a bridge to loving energies.

Talking about love can seem very fluffy but I’ll do my best. Love is the soul matter of the universe. Love is spirit, which is transmuted through humans. We act as a prism that shines love out in fractures of light. Love is within all of us, every tree, every animal, every person. In this post I’ll be talking about some ways we can work with love embodied through the beautiful rose flower in all its aspects.
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