Shine Your Light Spread


There are two ways to read this spread; as someone who identifies as a ‘Lightworker’ or a in a more general sense as someone who wishes to light up the world with their gifts. I’ve included both positional meanings! When I say ‘shine your light’, I’m referring to gifts that make you who you are. A way of being that uplifts yourself and others, this could be your empathy or your sense of humour, or even a specific thing that you do.


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Spiritual Goals For 2017


2017 in numerology is a ‘1’ year. The number 1 is the number of creation, it represents new beginnings and the start of a new cycle. Number 1 is also connected to the Magician of the tarot; the Magician commands mastery over the elements and his own mind. He creates his own reality. Thus, in the spirit of the new year I’m posting some of my spiritual goals for 2017!
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Enchanted Oracle Review


I’ve owned the Enchanted Oracle in the past and passed them along. For some reason, lately I felt very drawn to buying them again. The deck is created by artist Jessica Galbreth and tarot writer Barbra Moore. Barb did a good job of picking out the symbolism in each card and explaining the hints to the meanings. The cards don’t really have key words on them like other oracle decks, instead they have what appear to be decorative titles. These titles also give you an idea of the meanings as well.
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