Mind Body Spirit Cleanse January 2017


January, a time of crisp mornings, post holiday blues and a horribly long wait until pay day but lets not think about that. It’s also a fresh start, the rebirth of the sun after the Winter Solstice in December, the beginning of a new year.

Much to my boyfriends bemusement I’ve declared January 2017 to be a month of cleansing mind, body, spirit… and house. I’ve devised a dastardly plan to cleanse the Helheim out of my life. Basically, I want my cleansing journey to culminate in Imbolc on the 1st February where I plan to hold a ritual of light with lots of white candles, and have a purification bath with sea salt and essential oils of lemon and chamomile. So, step forth gentle traveller if you wish to see how I’m going to go about such
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