Beauty and Spirituality

329dd-devotee-to-beauty-anne-wertheimDevotee of Beauty by Anne Wertheim

Beauty is a colourful sunrise at the start of a new day, beauty is the first tulips of spring, beauty is the art of John William Waterhouse, beauty is a radiant rainbow after a storm, beauty is the writings of Shakespeare, beauty is a spiders web dappled with morning dew, beauty is my niece and nephew laughing, beauty is the sound of the breaking sea.

When people think of the word ‘beauty’ spirituality is probably the last thing they would associate with it. In fact, when we hear the word ‘beauty’ our automatic response is to think of the modern physical ideal. I think it’s very easy to get sucked into this feeling of physical perfection and not feeling good enough because we don’t look like the people in the magazines; incidentally, who don’t even look that way themselves. Hello, airbrushing.
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